“Utterance served as a way for audiences to reflect on the nature of language, and language’s relationship to movement in the clearest possible terms. it was focused, refined, exciting and above all else, wholly enjoyable.” – Andy O’Connor 

Utterance takes audiences on a rhythmic journey, navigating entangled patterns of sound and proposing intriguing new ways to understand the relationship between language, sound and the human body. 

This work grapples with the layered complexity of form, creating an immersive experience for both performer and audience. The work utilises semantic satiation and rhythms to push language to the point of incomprehensibility, leaving us with pure texture and a cacophony of sound. At its core, Utterance is an investigation into the power of the sensorial body. 

Duration: 50 minutes

Choreographer: Siobhan McKenna | Performers: Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Emma Riches, Hillary Goldsmith, Rhys Ryan
Costume Design: Helene Frøsiland | Lighting Design: Nick Glen | Sound Advisor: Lena Douglas

Utterance premiered in Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017 and won the Best Dance Award and Temperance Hall Award for the festival. Utterance was then presented by Dancehouse as part of Dance Massive 2019. It was developed with support from Create NSW, Creative Victoria and Temperance Hall. 

*This work is available for touring.